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Intelligent and credible decentralized blockchain technology platform that reshapes the value of the Internet of Things and the value of data

1 Multi-chain wallet for easy use

– A set of mnemonic management multi-chain wallet, bid farewell to complicated backup

– There are differences in multiple chains, and the payment experience is equally smooth.

2 Token exchange, safe and fast

– The private key is self-sustaining and can be completed without trusting a third party.

– Smart contract matching, instant trading, efficient and transparent

3 Explore decentralized applications

– Friendly DApp browsing environment, smart contract is at your fingertips

– Complete DApp SDK documentation to help you create powerful applications

IOTF integrates the Internet of Things theory and the blockchain technology, and is committed to building a big data blockchain of the Internet of Everything. The traditional IoT operation platform adopts centralized technology. Regardless of whether the data acquisition or operation is based on the participation of the Internet of Things, any party is a prerequisite for due diligence. Due to the slow development of the trust mechanism, the development of the Internet of Things market is seriously hindered. In view of the problems arising in the process of Internet of Things, IOTF focuses on the data acquisition, data concurrency and data coexistence problems faced by the blockchain technology in the IoT industry. Combining the blockchain-Internet of Things-Big Data to build a new generation of Internet of Things Architecture.

IOTF Everything Data Interconnection

The IOTF will store the data of each part of the IoT participants in each link to realize the asset transformation. At the same time, IOTF established a technology-based trust system for basic data by virtue of the characteristics of the blockchain. 

In the IOTF, due to the inability to modify and traceability, participants have absolute trust in the transaction fairness mechanism and ensure the normal operation of the transaction. 

Through IOFT Token, the assetization of commodity circulation data in the Internet of Things is promoted, and the method of obtaining traditional data is subverted.

IOTF derives other smart contracts through item-based circulation data, which ultimately leads to a truly trusted, traceable, highly available IoT big data blockchain.


Smart Contract

Trading system

Consensus Mechanism

Value Transfer Protocol

Deep integration of the Internet of Things • Secure Encryption • Big Data Blockchain • Artificial Intelligence • Finance and Payment


IOTF’s products and technologies will achieve the following three stages

Build a public chain of industry value and build an ecosystem of value for the Internet of Things

Based on the application characteristics of the Internet of Things industry, IOTF develops a decentralized value public chain and supports a variety of industry applications, providing hardware smart chips, SDK and other adaptation solutions, combining cryptography, distributed architecture, and adopting the DPOS consensus backbone. Build a secure, decentralized, high-concurrency blockchain network.

Decentralized data trading platform to achieve terminal data value circulation.

The IOTF will solve the data value problem of the IoT terminal, realize the user’s data rights and value transactions through the decentralized trading platform, and protect the data value of users and devices.

The huge network of the Internet of Everything decentralizes the trusted environment through the blockchain to realize the exchange of value between the terminal and the terminal.

IOTF Multi-version wallet Application

Support multi-version, multi-platform wallet download and use



Web Page

Hardware wallet

IOTF value

Decentralized application of the most powerful infrastructure

Smart chip IOTFAgent

Based on a dedicated security chip, the IA provides better security and performance power consumption features, as well as smaller form factors and better system integration. The hardware-level trusted computing system improves the trustworthiness level of the shared network as a whole, and provides a reliable foundation for the development of the shared network.

Node authentication

The IA authenticates the legitimacy of the shared node. As a security unit for shared network authentication, IA itself already has the basic legitimacy of shared network grants. At the same time, for the nodes of the nature of electronic information equipment, IA also undertakes the function of identifying the legality of the system related to the node

Node asset management

The IA is responsible for receiving, paying, and maintaining the digital currency assets of the nodes and functions as an electronic wallet. The IA is also responsible for managing other assets owned by the node in the shared network, such as data asset information stored by the node in the shared storage, shared service information being provided externally, and the like

IOTF public chain

IOTF Chain adopts DPoS as its consensus mechanism and optimizes and optimizes it. It does not need to consume additional computing power to realize the distribution of equity after production. It can also dynamically determine the execution result of the smart contract by the agent or all nodes according to the transaction status of the network.

Smart contract

The IOTF provides Turing’s complete smart contracts. IOT vendors can build their own value-added services based on their own smart contracts.

Data asset platform

The IOTF data asset platform analyzes and filters through big data analysis technology to provide matching data resources to data demanders. The demand side can use the Token and obtain the user’s consent. The IOTF Data Assets Platform is designed to increase the value of data and bring the value of the data back to the user.

IoT intelligent hardware ecological application

IOTF provides decentralized blockchain technology platform for IoT smart terminals to share data values, IOTF uses original lOTFAgent smart chip for current intelligence Terminal resources are idle and difficult to ecologicalize, use Token mechanism to activate products the use of value and data sharing ecology. The IOTF Foundation will form a shared cooperative alliance.
Support various hardware and software devices, development protocol support to introduce third-party development team, IOTF will continues to land a wider range of application scenarios.

DGP distributed autonomous protocol

Decentralized chain governance model to achieve non-forked blockchain upgrade

Virtual machine

Rich programming language, decoupling of operating systems and virtual machines, pushing smart contract development to the mainstream

AAL account abstraction layer

Open IOFT model and smart contract ecology

Global collaboration

The world’s largest PoS peer-to-peer network, the number of nodes is second only to Bitcoin

Safe and convenient multi-wallet service

Multi-version wallet support to meet the needs of users to access the ecosystem in different scenarios

Basic software

Through the design of Oracle and Data Feed, the intelligent contract of the blockchain can be made easier to fall and more in line with business rules.

Complete development tools

Complete blockchain bottom-level and decentralized application development tools to address different development needs

Payment service

Become a powerful force in global commerce, providing a reliable, transparent and decentralized payment gateway for all users worldwide.